Hotels in Athens Greece


Q. = I created a reservation for your hotel in Athens Greece type a listing of Athens inns or Greek accommodations a vacation agent or an online web-site advised to me. After obtaining there to my surprise the lodge didn’t meet up with the benchmarks which was explained to I will be getting. Case in point there is no swimming pool, no personal WC, and no tennis courts. Could be the Athens resort owner or Greek hotel proprietor accountable?

A. = The obligation in the direction of The patron is completely the organizer’s and/or perhaps the travel agency’s, that is definitely to say the tourist agent, from which the customer bought the organized travel bundle, which is even for the providers that are not developed or furnished by the organizer and or vacation agent directly, but by other collaborating enterprises (instance, motels, organized excursions, transportation providers, and so forth). Thus beware when reserving a Athens resort from an internet website.

Q. = What is the procedure to order a place or an apartment in among the Athens resorts or within the Greek hotels generally speaking?

A. = Shoppers really should communicate with the owner or administration of Athens lodges or Greek accommodations and make his reservation ask for by mobile phone or fax or email or by telegraph.

Q. = Exactly what is the normal procedure to ensure that a ask for is accepted?

A. = In just 3 days, house owners or administration from the Athens accommodations or Greek motels generally, who are interested as part of your reservation should deliver you an answer to Allow you already know if they accept the reservation for leasing any in their rooms or apartments asked for by The shoppers. Entrepreneurs should solution in producing or by telegraph or e mail or by fax stating they accept the reservation asked for because of the shoppers.

Q. = I produced an inquiry about several reservations I need in hotels in Athens Greece. What is a good deposit one particular must buy reservations in Athens motels or in Greek lodges normally?
A. = The homeowners of Athens resorts or Greek inns can question an advance of as many as 25% of the entire of price of the continue to be for all the days reserved. The deposit nevertheless really should not be inferior towards the rent of someday. The reservation is considered complete Using the payment of your deposit that was resolute and Using the penned acceptance on the reservation because of the hotel owner.

Q. = I built couple of reservations for different lodges in Athens
Greece. Am i able to terminate the reservations I made for just about any or a few of the Athens accommodations or commonly Greek hotels?

A. = When one reserves rooms or apartments Section of a fancy of any Athens accommodations or Greek accommodations, to be used for a predetermined time frame and the rooms are utilized for part of the time period, the customer has to compensate the Athens hotel proprietor with fifty percent the price which was agreed for that interval which was not utilized by the customer.

Q. = Imagine if the customer informs in crafting a minimum of 21 times before the reservation dates that he has improved his strategies?
A. = If the customer informs in producing the operator of any Athens inns at the least 21 times ahead of the reservation dates, then The shopper is exempted from the compensation he has got to shell out. The operator of any Athens motels is obliged to return the deposit which was gathered.

Q. = Really should we understand that any reservation might be cancelled
21 days before enough time of arrival and The shoppers are legible for comprehensive refund?

A. = Indeed, This can be accurate.

Q. = I stayed overnight inside a lodge in Athens Greece. I really preferred this put and don’t need to depart this lodge which can be less expensive than the other Athens hotels or usually Greek accommodations. Do I’ve to go away?

A. = The renting of Athens rooms or Athens apartments A part of a Greek lodge advanced is considered to be for sooner or later only, Unless of course or else agreed between resort operator and customer.

Q. = Concerning resorts in Athens Greece or Greek motels, at what time does a single have to go away Athens inns or typically Greek inns in order that extra expenses Will not take place?

A. = In the case the Athens hotel owner or the customer would like to dissolve the lease settlement, The shopper is obliged to vacate the Athens rooms or Athens apartments that are A part of a Greek hotel complicated not later than twelve o’clock midday. By keeping from the rooms or apartments over and above 12 o’clock midday rather than later than eighteen:00 o’clock the customer is obliged to pay for 50 percent the lease. If the customer stays in the premises after eighteen:00 o’clock, He’s obliged to pay the hire for The full working day. If The client denies having to pay the rent, then the proprietor has the appropriate to get rid of from the rooms or apartments, the customer’s and his baggage and or possessions.

Q. = I produced a handful of reservations for Athens accommodations in Greece. I will likely be arriving late in a number of them. Do I need to buy The full working day for leasing these Athens accommodations or usually Greek motels?

A. = The predetermined day of arrival is calculated totally as for the rent, not getting into account some time of arrival. So in case you get there say one:00 am or Anytime, you’ll need to pay for The entire day. The day of departure will not be calculated, Except The shopper would not vacate the room. He ought to vacate the space not afterwards than twelve o’clock midday.

Q. = After creating a reservation from an index of Athens lodges in Athens Greece, at my surprise there was a combination-up… The owner of one of many Athens accommodations informs me that I don’t have a destination to remain at the specific Athens lodge or Greek hotel? Exactly what are my rights?

A. =. The Athens lodge owner owes to have the rooms or apartments which happen to be Component of a Greek hotel complex, and which the customer reserved both by way of some type of composing, telegraph, fax, or email or that has a contract.

Q. = What occurs Should the owner of on the list of Athens accommodations does not have the accommodation?

A. = Should the owner does not have the accommodation that’s reserved, the Athens lodge operator is obliged to ensure The shoppers’ stay in an other Greek hotel of very same at least course, in precisely the same metropolis, and While using the same comforts and situations as people who are advertised for his very own Athens lodge. Also in this case, the operator of among the list of Athens motels owes to pay the expenditures of transportation and the real difference in price tag that by any possibility might exists in between his have resort and the other a person. If it is not possible to uncover an alternate lodge, the owner is obliged to refund The client with the entire of cost of the continue to be for The entire interval. It really is prohibited with the owner of any Athens motels or Greek resorts to just accept a reservation from a gaggle where far more beds are desired that the ones the lodge is accredited for. In the event the proprietor accepts a reservation for more beds than what he is permitted, a demotion on the resort category to an inferior class for a single yr may well occur.

Q. = After attending to the lodge which I reserved from an index of Athens inns in Greece, in exactly the same location I discovered a better and less expensive hotel in the future. Really should I pay back for the rest of my reservation with very first Athens hotel or generally Greek resort?

A. = If a space is leased for a specific time, the Athens resort owner doesn’t have the correct to terminate the lease prior to the agreed time frame, Except if the customer: a) violates the resort regulations b) has a disorder or sickness that is contagious or is suffering from other health issues or ailment that may lead to nuisance towards the remaining shoppers from the resort c) Violates the prevalent manners.

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5 Fun Things To Do On A Ski Vacation Besides Skiing


Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities for good reasons. It offers up a chance to take in the fresh mountain air and scenic views while screaming down snowy hills and pine trees. Unfortunately, the same weather that dumps inches of fresh snow to allow you to ski in the first place, can also cause dangerous weather conditions that may close the skiing parks and keep you off of the slopes. Don’t worry though, there are many other activities to partake in besides skiing. Here are 5 fun things to do on a ski vacation besides skiing.

1. Aprés Ski

The word stands for “after skiing” and generally means relaxing with friends after a long day on the slopes. However, you don’t need to have gone skiing all day to partake in this fun activity. If you can’t make it up the mountain stay indoors and enjoy some craft beers, wine, and food with friends and family.

2. Stay inside and watch movies

One of life’s great pleasures is staying cozy by a warm fire while a blizzard rages outside. Don’t let bad weather get you down, stay inside and enjoy a relaxing evening enjoying the amenities of your lodging. Cook a nice dinner, enjoy some wine, put on a movie you’ve been wanting to see, or simply lay back on the couch with a good book.

3. Hot tubbing and spa

If your lodging has a hot tub or spa, rest your muscles and recover after a long ski weekend. Spending day after day skiing can wear out even the most seasoned enthusiast. It is advised to take a break every 2 to 3 days and rest up. This is the perfect time to take advantage of your lodgings extra amenities or take a trip into town for a day at the spa. Your body will thank you.

4. Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is a great way to get exercise and participate in activities outdoors when you can’t or don’t want to go skiing. To snow shoe you put on what looks like tennis rackets on your boots. These displace the weight over a wide area of snow and allow you to walk solidly on even freshly fallen snow. It provides a less strenuous walk along with the sensation of gliding over the snow. Even if the snow is falling heavily outside you can participate in this activity and go for hikes near town.

5. Snow Tubing

Perhaps you can’t ski or are recovering from an injury. Snow tubing is a great way to enjoy nature in a fun and exciting way. Snow tubing requires you to grab ahold of an inner tube and slide down a mountain side much like sledding. There are even makeshift tubing parks with lanes, racing activities, and obstacle courses. However, even the basics will get anyone’s heart rate going.

Don’t feel pressured to only ski during your mountain excursion. Take advantage of all the other activities at your disposal and enjoy yourself.

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Why Going On A Cruise Is A Better Holiday Option


There is a solution to almost every problem in this world and same is the case with a boring, stressed up routine as travelling is what you can do to take some time out for yourself and break that boring pattern. Travelling has so many different options too and you surely can pick on any option which is best suitable for you. Whether you like to go on a road trip or air travel or you want to travel via sea, travelling has covered it all for you and you won’t ever regret any of these.

Now, for the first timers, it always has been a question mark on which type of travelling is the best and why? Well, you no longer have to be confused and all lost in that question as we have a clear cut answer here and that is cruising!

Cruising is quiet expensive than other holiday options but spending an amount of money once a year for yourself should not hurt much.

Like all other people you also might want to know the reason that why is cruising the best way out? Well, as always we are here for you and we are going to discuss a few reasons and facts which will definitely help you in making a wiser and better travelling decision!

Why is a cruise travel, the best of all?

All In One

Yeah, you read it right. A cruise travel is an all in one travel, you don’t have to travel miles and miles to reach your destination, it’s just one ship with all those irresistible facilities that you and your family want. Whether you want to eat or go swimming or sit in a luxurious sofa with some wine, a cruise has all that you would want.

Good For Families

If you are travelling with your family then there is nothing better than getting on board because all the cruises come with family packages, you care together and you can enjoy as per your wish. Cruise ships have a very friendly environment and you surely are going to enjoy a lot here without going on separate routes and places.


While you are on board, you automatically will have the best time because you get to know more people and you can socialize more on a cruise as compared to other travelling options. You just won’t be alone and there will be people all around you in the bar, spa, swimming pool, gym, restaurants. New people, new friends, more excitement and much fun!


It is but a fact that good food means good mood and one cannot deny the value that food holds on a holiday! You surely want something unique and different in taste unlike your daily routine meals, so guess what? Cruises have top chefs and cooks that can provide you the best cuisines you can ever have! You can find a variety of cuisines with some jaw dropping venues here which probably is going to excite you on a whole new level.

It is a saying that to travel is to take a journey into yourself so always go for the best option to get the best experience.

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Winter Camping Checklist


I know most people see “winter camping” and they quickly run in the opposite direction. I get it. The cold and unpredictable weather make winter camping sound like something only crazy people do. However, if you just stop to think about it for a second, winter camping has a lot of benefits. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to put the tent away. Winter camping means fewer crowds, fewer (or no) bugs, no need for a cooler, and simply feeling alive! After you go unprepared on winter camping trip for the first time and spend a night chattering your teeth off in your sleeping bag, you’ll realize just how much you take for granted the simple comforts of your everyday life like having a warm, dry place to lay your head every night.

I’ve gone winter camping a few times in Alaska where I grew up and they were certainly memorable, to say the least. I’ll never forget the time I hiked Flattop Mountain, a popular destination in the Anchorage area (more info here), and camped on the top in the dead of winter. Even with a space blanket, a very expensive sleeping bag, long johns, a wool beanie, and the warmest sweater and sweatpants my teenage money could buy, I still froze my ass off all night. I swore I’d never do that again.

The reality is, winter camping is without a doubt its own type of animal. Most people don’t winter camp just for the hell of it. Instead, it’s usually just an aspect of pursuing your other epic outdoor winter adventures such as backcountry skiing, winter hunting (e.g. deer or elk), or mountaineering. With this in mind, we’ve compiled this winter camping checklist to ensure your safety, survival, and basic comfort out in the elements. Stay safe friends!

1. Insulation

Without a doubt, this is the most important piece of enjoying your winter camping trip. Humans don’t naturally do well in cold climates so staying warm is essential to survival. You should have the following:

-Warm underlayers (long johns and wool socks)
-Warm outerwear (sweater, pants, vest, jacket)
-Hat and gloves
-Inflatable sleeping pad (cushion of air beneath you helps trap heat)
-Cold-rated sleeping bag (make sure it’s rated beyond the low temperatures you’re expecting)
-Space blanket (just in case)

2. Fire

It’s hard to stay warm outside when you are camping in the winter time if you don’t have a fire. Heck! It’s hard to stay warm even in the summer, especially if you are camping at higher elevations, so you always want to carry backups in case one source of fire does not work. You need:

-Matches or lighter
-Waterproof container
-Firestarter (flint or something similar)

3. Shelter

Either a tent or hammock will get the job done. I’m personally a huge fan of hammock camping because it’s all around a lot more comfortable, easier to carry and set up, and can be rigged above ground you otherwise wouldn’t want to put a tent. If take a hammock winter camping, however, you should make sure you have a fully enclosed hammock so you aren’t exposed to the cold wind/air and can stay better insulated sleeping in it at night.

4. Repair Kit & Tools

You never know when something might break or go wrong so always have a repair kit and some tools nearby to patch up gear or jury-rig another tool. You should have:

-Knife or multitool
-Kits for your camp stove, tent, and sleeping pad.
-Duct tape

5. First Aid Kit

Being exposed to the elements and far from any hospital means a higher risk of injury and complications from that injury so keep a first aid kit with you at all times. REI, put together this excellent First Aid Kit Checklist and here you can shop one of Amazon’s best travel first aid kits.

6. Illumination

Let’s face it, it’s dark a lot in the winter time, especially in the more northern parts of North America so illumination is necessary when your big cozy fire is not sufficient. You should have:

-Headlamp (for anything that requires two hands)
-Backup flashlight
-Backup batteries

7. Hydration

For the sake of not lugging tons of heavy water around on your trip, invest in a good water filtration system and simply refill your water bottles in a nearby stream or river to your campsite. Another option, if there’s a decent amount of snow on the ground, is to bring some snow to a rolling boil and hold it there for one minute to purify it.

8. Sun protection

If there’s snow on the ground and it’s sunny, your exposure to UV rays is even higher than laying on a beach in Hawaii. Snow is highly reflective of the sun so keep some sunscreen, sunglasses, and SPF lip balm on hand if needed.

9. Food

Outside of your standard planned fare, it’s always wise to have an extra day’s worth of food just in case. Winter camping means burning a lot more calories to stay warm so keeping backup rations is never a bad idea.

10. Navigation

Have some backups other than the phone. Chances are, you won’t even have cell reception so make sure you have a map and compass as backups for the digital devices.

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Do Something Out Of The Ordinary With Adventure Vacations


So you have had enough of sightseeing and historic places and want to do something different this time for your vacation. The best idea would be to opt for adventure vacations organized by adventure travel agencies. Whether you are a beach lover or a mountain person, there is some adventure in every place for the avid adrenalin junkie. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the planning and organizing of the trip because all this is taken care of by the travel agency.

The best way to find an adventure travel agency is to conduct a search on your favorite search engine on the internet. You will get a long list of websites and you should study as many as you can. Then short list 3-4 of them and call them up on the phone numbers published on the websites. Ask some pertinent questions regarding their skills and expertise and the kind of services that they provide. Some of this information is also published on their website, but you can go into the minute details on the phone. Whether you want to go trekking in the Himalayas or scuba dive in the Andaman Islands, everything is possible and available with these adventure travel agencies. In fact the best agencies will also create tailor made holidays with a combination of activities which will give you the kind of thrill that you have never experienced before.

When it comes to adventure trips they can range from paragliding, jet skiing, trekking, motorbike tours, cycling tours and much more. All the paraphernalia required for the trip is provided by the travel agency and you only need to carry your personal belongings. For instance if you are going trekking in mountainous areas then the travel agency will take care of the food and water, tents, sleeping bags etc. There will be porters and mules to carry the stuff required along the trip and also to carry your luggage. They will provide you with a mountaineering expert and a local guide so that you don’t have to worry about losing your way. At the same time, there are also facilities for first aid and emergency evacuation if the need arises. This means that you are always safe and secure. At the same time, the travel agency will also conduct training and counseling sessions which will prepare you mentally for the trip and they will guide you on how to prepare yourself physically before taking on the ordeal.

On the other hand if you are going on a motorbike trip through rugged areas then the travel agency will supply the motorbikes and other gear required for the trip. These trips will also be led by skilled guides who will ensure that you do not get into trouble. These guides are completely aware of the entire route and they know the eating joints on the way where you can make pit stops and refresh yourself. Any mechanical trouble with the motorbikes will be taken care of by the guides and the travel agencies also have tie-ups with road side assistance providing companies which will ensure that you have the best adventure holidays without having to worry about anything.

Now if you happen to be a beach lover then the adventure travel agency will ensure that you can enjoy the adventure activities like scuba diving with your family. Children of the age of eight years and above can go scuba diving with their parents. The travel agency provides guides and instructors who prepare you for the scuba diving experience and provide some preliminary training so that you don’t feel at odds when under water. Your kids will be specially trained in a kid’s training session so that they feel confident and comfortable during the adventure.

The same is true for any kind of adventure activity that you wish to experience. In fact some of the best adventure travel agencies also provide a combination of experiences like hiking up a volcano, scuba diving and trekking through lush green forests all combined into one package. They can suggest the best destinations for the activities that you are interested in. Whether you are new to adventure travel or have experience it does not matter because the adventure travel agency will prepare you for the ordeal that lies ahead of you and ensure that you go back home with lasting memories of your adventure trip.

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Diving Makes for the Best Gozo Holidays You Can Have


I travel quite a bit and usually rent homes rather than staying in hotels. It is generally much more cost-effective, especially when traveling in larger groups. However, when hosts do not properly take care of their properties or provide the proper amenities, it can be quite challenging.

When a trip starts out that way, it can bring the entire trip down, but that was far from the case during a recent diving vacation in Gozo. From the time I arrived at the airport and picked up my rental car in Malta to my arrival at my rented home for my Gozo holiday to my various excursions to my departure, everything was about as perfect as it could be.

Having arrived late at night, I was pleasantly surprised to find my host, Dave, had already furnished the house with a “care package” that included some fruit for the evening as well as just about everything we needed for breakfast, including coffee, cream, sugar, cereal, and milk. It was quite a relief to know that we would not have to head out for something to eat that night or rush to the store in the morning.

In addition to the amenities, our host was quite helpful in picking out some diving and kayaking trips for us to enjoy. Through our communications, I made it clear this was my first trip and would appreciate any help and assistance he could provide to make sure everyone in our group had a wonderful time.

Our first diving trip was scheduled for the Blue Hole. My understanding is that this is one of the more popular diving sites in the area that is enjoyed by divers of all experience levels. About 15 minutes into the dive, I realized why.

I have seen some spectacular sites when diving, but the array or colors and rock formations was something truly majestic. We were also treated to some of the most spectacular underwater sea life I have seen in years. It was one of the most memorable diving sessions I have ever had in my diving career.

Two members of our group were not divers, but instead were avid kayakers. When we returned from our dive, they could not shut up about the incredible day they had on the water kayaking in Gozo. Their local guide kayaked with them to a small beach, where they were able to beach the kayaks and enjoy some snorkeling before their paddle back home.

While this was our group’s first trip to Gozo, I can assure you, it will not be our last. The wives are already researching different restaurants and diving spots for us to enjoy during our next trip. One thing they will not have to research, though, is where we are staying, because we already have the perfect house and the perfect host!

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What Are the Best Winter Day Trips in Iceland?


Did you come across an irresistible airfare deal for traveling to the Land Of Fire And Ice in winter? Maybe a vacation to Iceland had been in your plans for a long time. However never in your wildest imagination did you ever think of visiting this spectacular landscape in winter. Do not fret. You would be pleasantly surprised that visiting Iceland in winter has its advantages. If you compare the winter of this nation to some of the leading places around the globe you will see that relatively Iceland has milder winter despite its proximity to the Arctic Circle. The Gulf Stream current helps in moderating the climate.

Watch out for discounts
If you are searching for low budget traveling, then winter season will work out efficiently for you. This is because the rates drop steadily compared to the summer season. You may get discounted rates on Grand Golden Circle day trip during this season. The Icelandic winters are well known for the Northern Lights. Layer up in the warmest clothes and get ready for sightseeing.

• Geological wonders
You can opt for Grand Golden Circle day trip which is accessible even during winter. This compact tour will cover Pingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir geothermal area where the hot spring Strokkur erupts after eight minutes.

• Natural ice caves
Among the unique wonders of this beautiful nation, one of the natural attractions that are really stunning is the natural ice caves which form in Vatnajokull glacier. They start to melt in the summer season. The blue ice caves create an impressive sight, and they differ in size and shape. Sometimes you may come across quite a few of these temporary ice caves while at other times you may see many of them. You can go on a day tour to these caves by flight from Reykjavik.

• Northern Lights
You need the ideal weather conditions along with appropriate solar activity and a bit of luck to view the Northern Lights. Of course, you will require a clear sky to see the spectacular aurora activity. You have to avoid full moon nights. You should run a check on the websites which provides aurora forecasts. If you can travel all the way to the northern part of Iceland where there are extended hours of darkness, then your chances of catching aurora borealis will increase.

• Relaxing day at the spa
The natural hot springs are an integral part of Icelandic culture. You can relax your muscles in the volcanically heated pools which trace their origin back to the Viking days. In recent times, most of the incredible locations have installed geothermally heated pools with hot tubs. The Blue Lagoon spa is a favorite tourist attraction. It is situated in a lava field. The presence of mineral salts helps in the relaxation of the body.

Rely on the tour operators
Choose a tour operator who knows the locality like the back of his hand. Since Icelandic weather can be unpredictable at times, so it is the tour operator who decides if a trip needs to be canceled because of harsh weather conditions. Before deciding on a company, check out their website for the details of packages they offer.

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Why You Should Answer These Five Questions Before Making Hotel Reservations


Traveling is one of the great ways we’ve learned to treat ourselves. Still, even though we look forward to the getting away, it’s the whole “knowing where I’ll stay” part that really can be a pain, and this of course means making hotel reservations.

Booking a hotel room is one of the hardest things in the world to do simply because if you’re not used to doing it, you’re really crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Games of chance are fun once in a while but not when it comes to where you’ll be spending your time away from home. The crazy thing is that there are a number of folks out there who might find it weird that making hotel reservations would be such an arduous task.

After all, when it comes right down to it, technology has made it to where you can book your getaway lodging with apps on your phone. The customer, it seems, has the upper-hand on the whole process, right? Well, if you’re not a regular traveler, you’re basing your choice of hotel on reviews. You can exhaust your choices of review websites, with each one giving you something a little different. Moreover, take the time to look over reviews sometime, and you might find some of the most trivial reasons for poor reviews.

If you’re trying to book a hotel room, either for business or leisure, what can you do? Before becoming too forlorn, here are five questions you should answer prior to booking your next hotel room:

What is the purpose of this stay? Business or leisure seem to be the reason for most stays at a hotel, but the number of reasons can vary per visitor. Knowing the reason can help you figure out what you need out of your room.

Are you traveling with your family or not? Booking the right room in terms of beds, facilities, and services means saving money.

Do you require certain amenities? You can call the shots, and if there are certain amenities (e.g., pool, gym, etc.) you require, find the place that has you covered.

Does your stay require many extras? If you’re a barebones kind of traveler that doesn’t need much, you may find some great savings on basic hotel rooms.

Is proximity to a bigger metropolitan area a deal-breaker? The answer to this question depends on whether you need to travel into said big-city area. Sometimes being away from the action can be nice, but then again, your entire trip may be based on meetings in the heart of the city.

Hotel reservations shouldn’t be a hassle for anyone, regardless of the reason for the stay. In some ways, even if you’re traveling for more formal reasons, staying at a hotel should give you a chance to be a little more at ease. The best thing you can do is put together a plan of action before you go about making a reservation. Not only will you weed out hotels that don’t give you what you want, but you’ll ultimately find the right place for your needs without a hitch.

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Travel Planning? Currency Exchange? Here’s How Not to Get Ripped Off


If you are planning on doing some International travel, you’ll be faced with converting dollars to the local currency. I’m going to show you some traps and pitfalls you may encounter, and then I’ll give you a few helpful tips that could make your travel go very smoothly.

When I first started traveling, it was always a hassle to go to my bank a month or so before departure and get a bundle of cash converted to my destination’s local currency. The alternative was to convert a few hundred dollars at the airport “Foreign Exchange” booths. I came to find out that it was not only dangerous to carry large blocks of cash, it was also unnecessary.

Along the way I discovered that Las Vegas didn’t have a lock on “One-Armed Bandits”!

Scam Artists

I can not emphasize too much that the world out there is ready, willing, and able to scam you ferociously. Money scams abound. Some are right there in plain sight.

Let’s talk first about the “uncommon scams”.

You’re traveling through, say, a park near the Louvre in Paris, when someone comes up to you with a sob story in broken English and a bundle of local cash. He/she needs dollars for ‘something’ and he/she’s willing to give you a fantastic exchange rate to get it. You bite. Money changes hands. They leave. You open the bundle and Surprise!!! It’s a stack of newsprint with a real bill on the top and bottom.



The second ‘legitimate scam’ is waiting on the corner for you: it’s a stand-alone ATM machine. It might even say “Friendly Bank-O-Mat”. Believe me, friends, it’s anything but. The hidden fees that little darlin’ will extract will make Bonnie and Clyde proud! Don’t do it!!!

Currency Exchange

The third, which is more of a rip-off than a scam, in my book, is the “Foreign Currency Exchanges” places. They’re legitimate businesses, but since they are businesses, the have to charge a fee for their services. Even though they say “No commission,” They are still pulling money from your pocket.

Bank ATM

My suggestion? Go to a bank ATM. It will cost you about 3% to take money from the bank ATM. The good news is that the ATM operates at the current official exchange rate, and since it’s a bank, its fees are regulated. Check with your home bank to find out which banking symbol to look for. In my case, my bank is a member of Interbank, so I use ATMs that display the Interbank symbol. I know the fees are fixed, fair, and the exchange rate is the best I can get.

How to Find Banks

Before I travel, I use Google Maps to look at my destination city. I locate my hotel, and then I use Google’s “Bank” filter to locate and make a list of all banks close to my hotel. On the day I arrive, I ask the desk clerk where the nearest bank is. If it matches one my list, we’re off to the bank!

Other Considerations

I have found that no matter where I travel, I can always buy a taxi ride from the airport to my hotel with dollars. So I carry a minimal amount of dollars. (I’ll need a few dollars when we get back to the States to pay for taxis and other transportation).

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